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Bilvi Maria Joseph

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My name is Bilvi Maria Joseph. I am from Kerala, India and I am in the Web and Mobile Application Development program. Before North Island College, I was working as an Executive Customer Engineer at Zafin Software Centre of Excellence and studied my Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science. In my program, I enjoyed the transition of the 16 lines of code that I wrote in my first semester to a single line in the last semester, and printing the numbers from 1 to 100 on the screen to actual MVC architecture. The biggest thing I have learned from the program is that programmers never stop learning. After graduation I plan to work as a Mobile Application Developer. My favourite courses were Java, Database, Swift, iOS Application Development, Android Application Development, JavaScript and SCSS. I would say that I am a great team player, excellent problem solver with the ability to work independently or in a team. I am also detail oriented and I love to learn constantly.

Favourite Tools:

{ } HTML & CSS
{ } SCSS
{ } JavaScript
{ } Java
{ } Swift
{ } MVC Architecture
{ } mySQL
{ } Postgre SQL
{ } XCode
{ } Android Studio
{ } Visual Studio Code
{ } Atom
{ } GitHub
{ } GitLab
{ } Bitbucket

My Project



The project I am displaying in the showcase is an iOS application that helps the user send their location to their chosen contacts in case of an emergency situation.
Project Photo
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