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Liam Quinn

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My name is Liam Quinn. I am from Comox and I am in the Web and Mobile Application Development program. Before North Island College, I was finishing high school and studying Pre-Calculus, Biology, Physics and English. In my program, I enjoyed finding a new passion that I didn’t realize I had for programming. Now I have skills that I can apply and carry with me for the rest of my life. The biggest thing I have learned from the Web and Mobile Application Development program is programming. Programming is such a broad field for learning. With several programming languages being taught in my program, I now know several languages that are used for multiple levels of development in the Information Technology industry. After graduation I plan to work full-time at my current job while saving up to attend UVIC. After my gap year, I plan to move to Victoria to join a program that teaches more in-depth programming like hardware development and software engineering. My favourite courses were the coding courses because I loved learning new languages and how they applied in real life scenarios. My favourite languages that I learned are JavaScript and Ruby on Rails. I tend to consider myself a creative individual, and love expressing that side of myself through coding. Although I might not be the greatest designer, I make up for it with efficient and semantically written coding techniques. Instead of using Illustrator and Photoshop to create beautiful art, I use VSCode instead. If I had one thing to say about my personality, it would be that I'm a reserved individual, but an efficient worker.

Favourite Tools:

{ } JavaScript
{ } Ruby on Rails
{ } HTML & CSS
{ } PHP
{ } Swift
{ } Java
{ } SQL
{ } Wordpress

Where to find me:

{ } Facebook
{ } Instagram

My Project


Tower Defence

The project I am displaying in the showcase is a web-based tower defence game that I programmed completely from scratch. No extra help from APIs or frameworks, just straight code written by me using HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript.
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