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Rajneet Kaur

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My name is Rajneet Kaur. I am from Punjab, India and I am in the Web and Mobile Application Development program. Before North Island College, I was a studying my Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science. In my program, I enjoyed my classes and the friends that I made. The biggest thing I have learned from the program is designing and developing. After graduation I plan to find job related to my field. My favourite courses were Computer Programming, Database, Ruby on Rails, Android, HTML and CSS. My personality is optimistic and minimalistic.

Favourite Tools:

{ } Swift
{ } HTML & CSS
{ } JavaScript
{ } Ruby on Rails
{ } WordPress
{ } Adobe Illustrator
{ } Adobe Photoshop

My Project


Mystery Scene

The project I am displaying in the showcase is Mystery Scene, which is a game application in which the user has to find objects in the picture while being timed, but if they make a mistake, they have to pay a penalty whether that be their score, or a loss of time.
Project Photo
project image 1
project image 2
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